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Disc Tube Module product photo Primary L

Disc Tube Module

The modular design consists of individual thin film composite membranes supported by 'o' rings between hydraulic cover disks, stacked, and assembled about a center tension rod and effectively sealed between metal end flanges. The proven open channel design provides a fully turbulent flow, high permeate recovery and reduced membrane fouling.

Disc Tube Module Operation

Greywater flows down passages between the disc stack and the pressure vessel and enters the flow chamber from beneath the bottom disk. The flow is directed up and over each membrane cushion allowing pure water to pass through the porous membrane and be collected by the permeate collector. Feedwater contamination is prevented by "O" ring seals fitted to the hydraulic disks. As the pure water is removed the concentrate can be treated further, held in a collection tank or incinerated.


Reverse Osmosis